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Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. (EOFPL)

Founded in the year 2000, Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. (EOFPL) is one of the leading and largest companies in Eastern India in solid waste management manufacturing Organic Manure. This flagship company of the group was set up with a strong belief that the quality of soil affects the quality of crops and eventually our lives.

EOFPL has launched a popular product Bhu-Dhan, a bio-organic microbial soil enricher; manufactured by decomposition of city solid waste, supplied by The Kolkata Municipal Corporation as per Town Compost specification in FCO norms. The demand for organic agricultural products has promoted organic farming rapidly. Organic fertilizers such as compost, manure, green manure, etc. are ideal for soil improvement & optimizing crop yields. Bhu-Dhan is now viewed as an alternative to hazardous chemical fertilizers.

BHU-DHAN: Biodegradable | Healthy | Upgradable | Decompose | Hygiene | Agriculture | Nutrient

Benefits of Bhu-Dhan: (Small changes make a Big Difference. 100% Organic)

  • Slow release of nutrients to the plants, rejuvenates the soil’s biological properties.
  • Increases the porosity of soil, permitting greater access of water and oxygen to the roots.
  • Slowly changes the pH of soil affecting plant growth.

We believe in Go Green - for prosperity! Reduce Recycle Reuse!

Infraventure Logistics

LYNQ Logictic Park is being set up on the 4-lane highway of Dankuni - Sreerampur Road (Old Delhi Road) to cater to the growing demand of warehousing services in Eastern India. The area has seen rapid growth with domestic and international business houses setting up shop. The 200,000 sq. ft. Single Shade Warehouse is within close proximity to Kolkata (25kms) and provides:

  • Easy connectivity to North East India, Nepal & Bangladesh.
  • Easy Accessibility to Ports for foreign Inward Bound goods.
  • Major hub to store and distribute inventory for Kolkata and neighbouring districts.
  • Add on Services like Food Outlets, Auxiliary Services and Retail Shops.
  • Employment Opportunities for more than 1000 People in Warehousing and Material Handling.

Hospitality & Hotels

LYNQ CICO is a 3-Star Boutique Hotel, with 50+ rooms conveniently located in the heart of the city, on Burdwan Road in Alipore, Kolkata. Designed for the modern traveller , complete with state-of-the-art rooms, a gym, conference room, cafe, a restaurant and a lounge. It aims to offer world-class services to its customers with a flavour of traditional Indian hospitality.

Quench - Cafe and Health Bistro with food to satiate the soul.

Quantum - Modern Indian Bistro - Cool Hangout Joint with delicacies to appeal to your Gastronomic senses.

Health & Fitness

BeMeFit is a new age fitness platform, designed to be the ultimate one-stop fitness destination: All BeMeFit outlets come with a Gym, Spa, MeStudio and an Organic Cafe. The name itself signifies what we stand for: to be Me Fit or be Self Fit. We believe fitness is as much a science where each individual's needs and personal goals differ and hence, cater to individuals with a focus directed approach. BeMeFit ensures effective fitness solutions by providing top-notch training and world class facilities.