LYNQ's Industrial & Infraventure division comprises of 2 projects:

Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. (EOFPL)

Founded in the year 2000, Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. (EOFPL) is one of the leading companies in Eastern India manufacturing Organic Manure. The company was setup with a strong belief that the quality of soil affects the quality of plants and eventually our lives.

In the last two decades, the increase in the demand for organic agricultural products has promoted organic farming rapidly in rural areas. This kind of farming involves cultivation of plants in natural ways by relying on fertilizers of organic origin such as compost, manure, green manure, and bone meal. LYNQ through its manufacturing unit EOFPL has launched a popular product Bhu-Dhan, a bio-organic microbial soil en-richer which is ideal for soil improvement & optimizing crop yields, making plants healthier in an eco-friendly manner while reducing the use of any chemical fertilizers/inputs and irrigation water.

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LYNQ Logistic Park

LYNQ Logistic Park is being setup on the 4-lane high way of Dankuni - Sreerampur Road to cater to the growing demand of warehousing services in Eastern India. The area has seen rapid growth with many domestic and international business houses setting up shop in the vicinity.

The 200,000 sq.ft. development is within close proximity to the city of Kolkata (25kms) and provides:

  • Easy Connectivity to North East Indian States and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh.
  • Easy Accessibility to Ports for foreign Inward Bound goods.

The adjoining land bank has been earmarked for future extension and other development projects including Factory Outlets, Business Hotel and Studio Apartments.